Is it possible to disable note titles completely and use first line instead?

one thing that keeps me from using Obsidian is the fact that each note needs to have a title and if it doesn’t it goes by “Untitled”.

I would like to get rid of the title concept altogether and instead use the first line of the text as file name. Similarly how for example Sublime Text does it.

Is this possible?

You might want to consider this plugin: GitHub - dvcrn/obsidian-filename-heading-sync: plugin to keep the filename and the first header of the file in sync

In the “appearance” settings you can turn off “show inline title” which allows you to visually remove the header, and the plugin above can help remove the need to ever update the title yourself.

Every file requires some sort of title, but this would allow you to hide it and forget that it exists :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, is there plugin that does this with first line instead of first header?

I don’t know of one, this is the closest I’ve seen.

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