Is it possible to cite some parameter and renew them automatically without creating another new note?

Dear Obsidian community. Thanks your reading to the Question I wrote. Because I’m not good at English, so I apologize if I posted in the wrong way.

Things I have tried

After Searching forum & google, I can’t find how to cite parameter in note without creating another new one.

What I’m trying to do

When I take a note, there are some parameter like date, site, person which are cited frequently.
I don’t want to use the internal link function [[]] to create new notes for this parameter, because some of them are really useless.
I want to know that is it possible to write a note shown below, and the parameter can be renewed automatically.
In other words, When I change the Italic word, they’ll be renewed automatically in the article.

date: 2022/2/14
site: Tokyo
person: Suzuki

I had a good time with person at site in date. Person is really a nice one.

I think i suggested something similar in the topic about improving the YAML frontmatter, by making values declared there usable in the document and update when changed. If your request is similar or nearly similar you might want to add your usecase there?

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you can use inline Dataview (it’s a plugin) for that. Note that this is inline. See screenshot below.

If the variable is in another file simply swap the this. part to [[path/filename]].

Also, if you prefer to have the variable in YAML is also fine. Note that if the variable is in note’s body (not in YAML), you must use this format key:: value (note the double colon)

date: 2022/2/14
site: Tokyo
person: Suzuki

The plugin page is here, but you can install it via Community Plugin in Obsidian


Thanks a lot. It’s really work

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