Is it possible to change Untitled X for new notes to something else?

Things I have tried

I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I cannot solve it for several days. I have tried to use templates but I don’t know how to implement counter there or if it is even possible.

What I’m trying to do

If I’m creating a new note it is called Untitled, the next new note called Untitled 1, next Untitled 2, etc. I would like to change Untitled to something else, e.g. Note. So a new note would be called Note and if this already exists it would be called Note 1 and then Note 2, etc.

Less specifically, I just want to be able to write some small thoughts, ideas, facts, etc. without thinking too much about the title. And I want these small notes to have a nicer title than “Untitled X”.

There are some ways to do what you’re asking.

The simplest is to enable the Zettelkasten plugin and configure it to do what you’re asking.

You can’t quite get a counter that way, but you can use timestamps to make the names unique and ordered.

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Thanks! I think I will use it. (Just in case someone will try to implement something similar it might be necessary to escape some symbols, i.e. to have Note in a title I had to write “\Not\e” in the Zettel ID format field)

You actually have to wrap straight text in square brackets to prevent it from being treated as a part of the formatting string.

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