Is it possible to build a log from the daily notes with dataview?

Hi all.

I’ve a question about dataview.

I manage to make tables and lists with dataview using fields in YAML.

However, I’m starting to work on my daily note where I make entries
of this type:

- [[😋event type]] ...

The idea is build thematic logs by event type without having to resort to creating a note for each small event.

I’m looking for is a way to make a table of the type:

Id Daily note, event type block
2022-07-28   **even type** ....

I don’t know if dataview would allow me to do it with js (I don’t know js)

Can you think of a way to do it?

If you can give me a hand I would appreciate it.


I have this system in place. For me the eventtype may be emails/actioned/calls/visits/meetings etc all created in the daily note via QuickAdd plugin

So far it appears to do what I want.

Daily Note would contains

eventtype:: my notes go here with [[link to note]]

eventtype2:: data with [[link to note]]

eventtype3:: data with [[link to note]]

Note where I want to display data

TABLE eventtype
FROM #DailyNote
Where eventtype
WHERE contains(eventtype ,
FLATTEN eventtype
WHERE contains(eventtype ,

No idea why or how it works, thanks to others really. Adding an extra line WHERE contains(eventtype , seems to isolate all the variables for each note from including all those variables listed for other notes in the daily note.


Check out this really ingenious use of daily notes, dataview, and tracking events by gentrygibson. It gave me lots of inspiration on setting up similar ideas in my daily notes.


Thanks to everyone
With this material I think I’ll be able to finish implementing my idea, although clearly I’ve to study a lot about dataview, QuickAdd, tasks and templater.

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