Is it possible or is there a direction of official intent to support block type operations?

I would like to ask if anyone has asked ob officials whether they have the intention to implement block operations. My notes need flexible adjustment of multiple columns and precise references. Existing plug-ins can achieve block-level preview through code block syntax, but it is still very inconvenient to edit and operate references. For example, if a syntax code block divided into two columns or three columns is added through plug-ins, then I want to reference one of them, I will reference the entire code block. I also need to change one more line to separate each block. I want to ask, in the case of limited md plain text, whether the official has the intention to simulate similar operations by improving the editor (by adding specific operation buttons) and rendering methods, or whether it is completely expected that there will be a community plug-in support in the future, and does not intend to make any changes.

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