Is it possible (and uncomplicated) to create a prompt with a set of options, such that multiple selected items are inserted in to the note?

Things I have tried

Going through the documentation for Templater, Metaedit, and QuickAdd. Templater only seems to allow for one item in a list to be selected. Metaedit documentaion is sparse and not written for non-specialists so I don’t know if it can be done or if so, how. QuickAdd might be able to do it, but it’s too technical for the non-specialist.

What I’m trying to do

Simplify repetitive report writing.
I have reports that have a similar format. I’d like to be able to invoke a checkbox with an arbitrary number of text items to be inserted into the file. For instance, instead of typing out “Ms. Smith reported allergies to latex, pollen and cats” I’d like to be able to just select these three allergies from a longer list and have the sentence inserted into the note.

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If you’re on Mac or iOS you could make something in Shortcuts and use the Shortcut Launcher community plugin to trigger it.

The solution is to use the Metadata Menu plugin, which does exactly what I asked about.

So you found a solution. Could you please describe it for other users having similar use cases?

I also found an alternative solution, which kind of works. Insert the following into a note, and it gives you the sentence you asked for.

INPUT[text(title(For whom)):person]
INPUT[multi_select(title(Select allergies),

`$= dv.span(dv.current().person + " reported allergies for " + dv.current().allergies.join(", "))`


  • installed Metadata menu
  • Settings:
    → preset Fields settings
    → add New Field button
    → Field name = “allergies”
    → Field Type = accept multiple values from list
    → add the various allergies one by one using “Add a value”
  • Go to note template
    → include a line with “allergies::” → note the double ::
  • create new note using the template
    place the cursor after the :: and hit the spacebar, and the list of options is shown. Choose as needed.

There are other ways to do it using the plugin, see documentation for more.


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