Is it okay to have many copies of the same link within one note?

Is it okay to have many copies of the same link within one note?

Link to another Obsidian note? Or link to an external resource?

I do multiple occurrences of each of these in notes, and have not had any adverse consequences.

But, it’s also easy to check for yourself. Make a note and add lots of duplicate links and see what happens – yes?

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I find it useful because then when on the linked note I can see the line I linked to when looking at backlinks. It’s especially useful in trying to populate the backlink.

Link to other notes, Thanks.

I haven’t had any issues yet but am really just getting started working on a new workflow that will require me having one central node that is a stand in for all of my nodes in previous vault.

Rather than having all interconnected nodes, I have captured everything in a single hierarchy, however this required me having hundreds of various duplicate links folded within my one central note.

The basic premise is that because now all links or nodes exist only virtually until I choose to actually link that node to something else, I get the best of both worlds, or so I hope. I am thinking that unlike the original vault from whence it all came, there will be no noise to combat. I will also have to go without being able to navigate various notes, and hubs, and also without the backlink pane. By that is okay for me right now, as I am quite pleased with the organization of this super-outline. I will say I have sunk probably about 100 hours into it at least.

Anyways, I just wanted to see if there was some sort of general warning about this practice like there is for vaulting within vaults.

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I would say no, this is not like nesting vaults. You can link notes in whatever way makes sense for you.


Out of curiosity, can you give a sample of what you’ve done?

I can’t really show it yet and have it make much sense. It is really just a bunch of inspirations and ideas I have collected that I am trying to weave into all aspects of all decisions I am making in these early design stages of my 3d short. I want there to be continuity and organization as everything is fit into the story. And, most importantly I want all this work I have done to be easily accessible, without getting in the way, keeping the spotlight on what I am building, not from what I am building it.

I have realized that I am actually best off using both vaults semi-simultaneously. The original vault comes with the ability to jump around with speed and only see the content of each atomic note and the composites of those notes. However the building of new structure gets lost as it it integrated into this already complex system. My focus should be on looking how I am putting the pieces together, not all the pieces.

So, once I have a general direction with an idea construction in the original vault, I can copy that note filled with hierarchical lists of links with added commentary over to my second vault which only has the one central node, which is basically all things from original vault viewed in many different ways. Some of my other posts, I kind of described my process as I did it.

Anyways, in the second vault, I can begin building out much more finalized ideas in isolation but with the support of the structure already being there to guide me (in reference and assisted link creation, etc). As this progresses, I will still be able to use the central node for exploration, but its links will be windows from from the past into the project of the present, which will hopefully be helpful.

I can’t be sure how things will go, but so far so good. Worst comes to worst, I wasted time, but learned something, which is a paradox. Thanks for your curiosity. I will have something share eventually.

Just to add on to @sam.baron’s reply with a simple answer for those of you skimming this thread:

yes, it’s absolutely okay to include the same link many times in a given note.