Is it normal for code preview not to match prismjs test drive?

Things I have tried

I tried various themes in addition to the default.

What I’m trying to do

I have a code block that is correctly shown when tested at, and verified to be working at after the original request here I am trying to get the syntax highlighting to be shown the same within Obsidian. I created a quick test vault (see screenshot below) to demonstrate the differences. I am thinking that perhaps some of the changes described in my first github link above may not have fully come through. I am just wondering if there are any additional steps I can take to get things to work like the prismjs test page.

Edit: In case someone was actually going to test my example, the language is MAXScript, so you can simply add “maxscript” without the quotes after the three backticks signifying the start of the code block. The script I showed was copied from this page

Thanks for any suggestions. Much appreciated!

The issue was that Obsidian hasn’t yet updated to Prismjs v1.26. All is well!

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