[iPhone] Can't invoke the command palette on text in the editor

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On the iPhone, you can now pull out the left sidebar to access the command palette. However, doing so removes focus from whatever you were currently editing. As a result, you can’t use command palette commands on parts of the active pane.

One potential solution would be to allow the command palette to be accessed in other ways. See Add the command palette to the mobile toolbar.

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You can do this using the swipe down command palette (as of 0.0.17), and we’ll be making all command palette options available to the toolbar in a future release.

Except that this doesn’t work when VoiceOver is enabled on 0.0.17 or 0.0.18. There is also no way to close a file once it is opened when VoiceOver is enabled.

Yeah sorry, we don’t have much experience with VoiceOver in general. I believe the file menu (long-tap the three dot menu, or pull out right sidebar + more options menu) should have an option to close the pane.

We will be looking into VoiceOver/accessibility in general in a future release.

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