iPhone App continuously gets stuck

Hi there! I mainly use Obsidian on my deskstop. But sometimes if I’m out and about, it’s nice to be able to quickly add a note to my vault.

After indexing and updating etc, the app always freezes after a little of navigation and becomes non-responsive.

Is there anything I can do about this? Or would I be better off using a different iPhone app like AIwriter or Drafts to quickly add notes to the vault on the go? Thank you!

A few more things if you can share:

  • What’s your iPhone model? Older? Newer? How much free storage is available?
  • What do you use to sync? iCloud Drive or Obsidian sync?
  • How big is your vault?

iCloud can be problematic for some folks, but I never really had an issue with it when I used it (I use Obsidian Sync now).

I’d try the troubleshooting steps (if you haven’t yet) to rule out theme or plugin issues. Some plugins that work fine on desktop Obsidian don’t preform so well on mobile.

If you are using iCloud Drive to sync, another option to consider is using separate config folders. All your notes will be the same on both devices, but the settings/themes/plugins/css snippets (if you use any) will be separate. This way you can continue to use all your desktop themes/plugins/etc., but keep Obsidian on the phone slimmed down with only the essentials installed or enabled. More details here →

Some folks do use another app on the phone for quick capture. Personally, if I’m working in the vault, writing something longer or looking something up, I’ll be using Obsidian. But, if it’s a quick pull the phone out and jot something down, grab this random thought or whatever, I’ll use Drafts.

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