Iphone and iPad photos and scans into Obsidian

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What I’m trying to do

I’m a couple of months into using Obsidian to replace Evernote and now feel committed to Obsidian. The only things I’m struggling with are to do with getting content from other places into Obsidian, particularly on iPad and iPhone but also on PC.

My setup:
Vault is on Windows 10 PC with Obsidian Sync. Obsidian app on iPhone and iPad.

  1. If I take photos or scans from my iPhone or iPad camera, how can I get them into Obsidian? There doesn’t seem to be a ‘send to …’ option available and I don’t know how to make one.
  2. On my PC I have the Obsidian Web Clipper installed on my browser, Lion. If I highlight some text from a page and hit the icon it quickly saves it to Obsidian in a page called Clips with a link back to the original page. Good. But if I try to clip another section of the same page nothing happens. Correction - on some pages a second clip works but I’ve never had a third clip work from the same page. Is this just how it is, or is there a knack to it?
  3. I also have Obsidian on my iPhone and iPad but can’t see any way on those devices to clip pages or images direct into Obsidian from Safari or DuckDuckGo, other than copying text and going into Obsidian to paste it. Is the Web Clipper available for any iPad browsers?
  4. I found the Evernote email function really helpful, a quick and easy way to send text or images via email to Obsidian. Am I right that there’s no equivalent available for Obsidian? I tried the Obsidian Web Clipper in Gmail but it didn’t do anything.

I’ve searched through the forum and found a few posts about these things but the solutions seem to require a lot more technical ability than I have. I’m just looking for something on a ‘consumer’ level like Evernote. (Which I left only because of slowness and poor linking.)

I’d be grateful if anyone can advise me on any of these four questions.

In the iOS app you can edit a note and click the “image” icon in the “mobile bar” above the keyboard. Then you can select a photo from your library and upload it in original size or in small, medium, large size. Unfortunately you can only do 1 at a time.

You could also open the photo in the icloud/photos website (assuming you have them synced to iCloud) and copy and paste them into your note.

If you want to transfer a lot of photos you could transfer them to your PC via USB cable, then copy them into your vault.

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Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the image icon above the keyboard. That’s great.

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