iPad sidebars similar to the desktop sidebar

I would love for the sidebars on the iPad app to be more from the desktop Obsidian app, rather than the mobile ones. Even though we can set up keyboard shortcuts, organizing and splitting panes in the desktop app feels seamless on the desktop. On the iPad it feels heavier, and also much less flexible.


I vote for it to be on the phone as on a PC, always visible. And not these swipes are superfluous. Or optionally configurable on / off visibility

Yes, I have a million reasons why this is so important. At least because you can display quick links in this panel. Because there are no hotkeys on the phone like on a pc. Therefore, if anyone does not like this panel, let him turn it off. And who needs it, it hurts. Why hiding it was, I do not understand.

Since obsidian is more of a constructor than a simple note-book, permanent links in it are more relevant than creating a new note (IMHO, but Iā€™m not alone in this regard). I personally do not have enough quick access to permanent links