iPad reader app for highlighting articles and importing all highlights at once into Obsidian

Things I have tried

reading apps like pocket, flipboard, etc.
I can highlight text there one at a time, click “share / obsidian / insert into daily note”. Then I have to manually switch back to the reading app and repeat the steps for the next highlights. That’s a bit cumbersome.
With “split view” it’s better but a lot of reader apps don’t support split view.

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to read articles and news on my ipad, highlight interesting sections and once I’m done reading import all the highlighted sections at once into obsidian.

Does anyone know of an app with that feature?

Have you tried Readwise? The (now public beta) Reader app feels exactly fitting for your use case. Matter is a good alternative, too.

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thanks, both seem to work well and have obsidian plugins to sync highlights and more.

  • Readwise will cost $100/year, not sure if I wan to pay that much just for the highlights export feature, but they have a lot more to offer.
  • Matter also works well, I can export all highlights using a sharesheet or using sync via plugin. They are charging their pricing model this month and I can’t see yet if the highlighting will stay a free feature
  • I also tested https://raindrop.io - highlighting feature is free, they have an iPad app that works well. However, you can’t export all highlights from the app, not even with the sharesheet feature. In the web version you can “copy all highlights” and it includes the title of the article and the link.

Yeah, I should have mentioned that Readwise and Matter are paid products (soon for Matter, anyway, but I do think the export will be part of the paid offering). I’ve heard of Raindrop, but not tried it myself.

IME the Readwise → Obsidian export works very well. It’s reasonably customizable and lets you assign a block reference ID to each highlight, which I find valuable (see Using Readwise’s highlight ID …).

The Matter → Obsidian export is barebones and has some room to grow. It makes sense, since Matter is a newer product, but it has been finicky to get the formatting correct and it mangles titles in a confusing way. That said, I find the reading experience better in Matter when compared to Readwise Reader (but in this case, Reader is the beta product).

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A not-very-elegant workaround: if one of the apps that you’re willing to pay for supports exporting to epub, you could do your highlighting in an ebook reader like Yomu that will export highlights all at once.

I’ve been using Matter and like it. I can quickly open an article in Matter, easily highlight the content and then share the highlights back to Obsidian using the share sheet feature. But it now require a $60/year subscription …

Try Omnivore. It’s free. The Obsidian extension is in beta here.


oh, wow, that looks very promising.
Opensource, free, iOS app, obsidian sync. Love it!

When installing the beta plugin step 5 (unzip) doesn’t apply.

In the plugin settings there is an option “import just the highlights” but it still syncs the entire article with the highlights at the bottom of the article.
But it seems it’s completely customizable with the template, I’ll have to play with it.

I don’t like that it creates a folder for each date, is there an option to change that?

Hey @udracing, thanks for using the plugin.

We have published the plugin in the community market so you could download it there.

The template as you mentioned is highly customisable so you could remove the {{{content}}} variable from it to not to sync the entire article.

And now we support to put everything in the same folder as such.

Plugin settings screenshot:


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