IPad: Obsidian keyboard disappears when using iOS keyboard and vice versa

Things I have tried: changing various settings in Obsidian and iOS. searched on the forum but not did not see that anybody mentioned this so I apologize if you are already aware.

What I’m trying to do: I would like to be able to view/use the iOS floating keyboard and obsidian keyboard hand-in-hand. I have to select “hide keyboard” (iOS) to make obsidian’s keyboard show up. Then, when I need to use the iOS keyboard, I have to select “show keyboard” in order to hide the Obsidian keyboard.

Hope this makes sense. Not sure if this is a bug, feature request or user error. But the behavior is time consuming it messes up with my workflow. :weary:

Note: I don’t use the main iPad keyboard because it is too large and fills up too much space.

What do you mean by the Obsidian keyboard? Do you mean the mobile toolbar that appears above the keyboard? Obsidian doesn’t have its own keyboard that I know of.

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Yes, that’s what I’m talking about - The built-in obsidian keyboard. :+1: When using the full-size mobile Apple keyboard, the obsidian keyboard can be visualized above it. However, since the full size mobile keyboard takes up too much space, I always use the floating Apple keyboard. Unfortunately, I notice I am not able to use the floating keyboard and the built-in obsidian keyboard at the same time. I have to either use one or the other, switching between the two. Hope this makes sense. Thank you for your reply.

That’s called the “mobile toolbar”, not the “Obsidian keyboard”.

I tried the floating keyboard just now, and the mobile toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen.

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