iPad and Notebook Workflow with Obsidian (Student, Free)

About me

I am a, what is the equivilent to highschool student, in Europe, and I mainly study STEM. I wanted to share my workflow, since when I was trying to find a good setup it turned out to be surprisingly hard, since I have a lot of subjects where I like to be able to take notes on my Laptop, but also be able to acces them on my ipad to throw in a drawing or something.

My Setup

I use a Notebook running Windows 11 and an iPad 9th generation in combination with an apple pencil. I also have an Android Smartphone.

For subjects such as maths I only use GoodNotes/OneNote since I only take handwritten notes there. As mentioned for other subjects I take my notes using Obsidian, on my Laptop or IPad, depending on the situation.

Syncing Setup

Since I did not want to spend any money on Obsidian Sync, and OneDrive/Dropbox did not really work as I wanted them to I use GitLab to Sync between my devices.
The PC-Setup using Obsidian Git is fairly easy, so I will not talk about that here. I do not use automatic backups, I manually commit + push when needed.
To now access the same Git-Repository on my Ipad I use iShell since it is a free alternative to WorkingCopy. I will link to a Post by ForceBru here, since he nicely explains the setup for Ishell. However I do not use the same workflow as mentioned:

Technically I also have a Git-Setup on my Android-Phone, in order to access the same fault, however I strictly use this for reading, not editing.


I turned on Pull updates on startup in my Obsidian Git Settings.
Therefore you should be able to access, edit, … all of your Notes on any device.
There is no need to use Ishell anymore.
You can simply edit the notes you want and once you are done, or you want to switch to another device run git commit all changes as well as git push. Simply make sure that the other device does run git pull before making new edits to the same files or you might run into merge conflicts.


I find this workflow to be good for me, and hopefully also for some other people, looking for free alternatives to syncing between there devices.
For inserting drawings I obviously use Excalidraw, or I simply insert Screenshots from GoodNotes or OneNote.

Depending on the size of your Fault, running git on mobile devices, can take some time, however I find it to be fast enough for my needs.

Hi thank you for sharing
I also use obsidian git between my PC and Github.

Im interested in using my phone as well for reading. You mentioned that you have an Android phone setup. Do you mind sharing how you did that?