iOS17.2 Journalling suggestions API

My impressions of the new Journalling app in iOS17.2 are pretty low: no storage structure other than a sequential record of journals? How can anyone expect to make sense of anything more than a few months of records?

Then it dawned on me that the app is just a demo for the pretty spectalular Journalling Suggestions API that was released a few days ago in iOS17.2 beta 2.

A plugin for that in Obsidian would be amazing.

how is it spectacular? It looks very limited to me.

To be clear again: I’m taking about the API, not the Journal App. And the Journalling Suggestions API has only become apparent in the last beta 2 release a few days ago, not the first very limited release of the Journal App in 17.2 beta 1.

What it does is it lists a whole series of things that I have recently done. Significant phone calls, both incidental exercise and recorded workouts; a visit to the doctor; coffee at a cafe; music I’ve listened to. I can decide to write something in response to any of them. Because it’s all from data on the phone, the privacy is good.

I’ve never seen such a complete list like that. Day One and all the other journalling apps will be falling over themselves to add it.

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