[IOS] Using GoodNote and Obsidian in the same vault

Hello there!
Yesterday, on the discord, someone ask how to deal with Goodnote and Obsidian, in the same Vault.
I do that, so I create this post to explain HOW I do this.

First, my setup :

  • An Ipad
  • A Google Drive (with a lot of place)
  • Obsidian (…)
  • GoodNote.
    Obviously, you can replace Google Drive with OneDrive or Dropbox.

Step One : [GOODNOTE]

:warning: If you have already created an automated backup : stop it and click on “OK” to quit the menu. You need to quit totally the parameters.

Note : I use mainly GoodNote with folder and for course, so I create a folder for each course, and, inside, I create another folder named PDF.
It’s not obligatory because the sync work directly with a main folder, but think about your folder and files management before started sync. I can be painful to deal with rename folder.
For better convenience, use the same folder three as your obsidian vault (if you have already one) at this moment.

After that, you need to open the parameters and go at Automated Backup. Here, active the save, and choose your favorite storage cloud.
Choose the PDF format, and the destination folder name. Mine is “Home”.

Wait for sync.

After that, on your computer, sync the new folder (if it didn’t sync automatically).


Two possibilities : You don’t have a vault, or you have one.

The two start in the same way : OPEN the cloud folder as an obsidian vault. I will create your Obsidian file.
If you don’t have Obsidian, the tutorial stop here. You can already see your PDF in the vault, and you can embed it with the Better PDF Plugin.

If you have already an obsidian vault, there is a third step : move your folder from the old vault, to the new vault.
Don’t forget to move your .obsidian for plugin, css, snippet…

After that, your vault is in cloud AND you have your Goodnote PDF in the same place, and you can deal with it in Obsidian.

Some warning

  1. The Backup is in one side : file in the folder from your computer / other apps, doesn’t appear on goodnote.

  2. Mainly IOS app doesn’t manage third-party cloud (as Google Drive/DropBox/OneDrive) so you need to maybe use Obsidian Sync or working Copy if you want to use Obsidian Mobile or just a markdown editor.

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Good Share, will try with my GoodNotes. Thanks.

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