[iOS] Tarot Shortcut with GPT API

Long time lurker here, hope this is the right place for this. Recently, I finally migrated to Obsidian from Bear (here if anyone is interested in the script that I wrote for it).

After refactored my bullet journal shortcut that I used in bear, I created a set of shortcuts for fun:


  • pull a random tarot card


  • send previous response to the OpenAI endpoint for a tarot reading as Markdown


  • main shortcut to control both of those.

I am super indecisive and wanted something that can help nudge me in a direction, or to get some advice for entertainment purposes. Been loving Obsidian so far, here are some sample responses:

==12:10 PM==

1 Card Reading


  • [[IV OF CUPS]] Upright

IV OF CUPS Upright can represent a new perspective, or a sense of awareness of emotionally charged feelings. On this particular day, it is important to pay attention to how your emotions can influence your decisions and take into account the consequences of your actions. Take a few moments to pause and reflect before making a move that could potentially disrupt your emotional balance.

==11:32 PM==

1 Card Reading


Should I get cheese balls?

  • [[III OF WANDS]] Upright

Yes. The III of Wands signifies that this is a good time to take action and make decisions with confidence. This card often suggests a sense of ambition and optimism - so in this case, it is a positive indicator that you should go ahead and get the cheese balls!

==10:27 AM==

3 Card Reading

Question asked

Will I hear back from that recruiter from yesterday?

  • [[VI OF WANDS]] Inverted
  • [[III OF WANDS]] Upright
  • [[II OF SWORDS]] Inverted

[[VI OF WANDS]] Inverted: You may be disappointed as the answer will likely not be the one you were hoping for. Be patient and keep pursuing other opportunities. [[III OF WANDS]] Upright: You may hear something back soon, as preparations are being made for your next step. Be proactive and think of creative ways to stand out. [[II OF SWORDS]] Inverted: The situation may be clouded by emotions and confusion, causing delays to your response. Hold a positive attitude and let go of any expectations you may have.

Hope this is interesting/helpful for someone else too!


Thank you! It’s really help!

Is there a desktop version of this? Don’t find myself using the mobile version much, but would DEFINITELY use this on desktop, especially because besides my own use, a lot of solo RPG games use tarot as a guide/decision maker.