IOS Sync. How to change vaults and undo merge?

I have two vaults created on my MacBook Pro which are connected to Obsidian Sync.

One of these vaults was successfully linked with the obsidian app on my iPhone and iPad.

I wanted to access the other vault on my iPhone for the first time.

I Mac OS I can simply go to file, open vault…

I can’t find that option on the iOS app.

Instead, I went to settings, sync, choose, and selected my other vault.

The app told me it may merge files, and I accepted, assuming that the file merge would occur with an older version of that same vault already on my phone.

Instead, the app starts to merge both vaults.

I quickly stop this but it had already merged dozens of files and folders.

How do I reverse the merge?

How do I access a different vault via obsidian sync on my iPhone?

The vault switcher on the phone is accessed by tapping the vault name in the top left of the left sidebar.

Then tap Manage vaults…

From here, I would create a new vault with the name of the second vault you want to sync. Once that new and empty vault is created and open on the phone, turn on the Sync core plugin and connect it to the second remote vault (if that’s been created already).

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