[iOS Shortcuts] Wait for iOS App startup to finish before continuing

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make an iOS shortcut to add an item to my fleeting notes using a combination of Advanced URI & QuickAdd plugins. If the app is open in the background the shortcut works fine but if the app is closed, the shortcut cold-starts the app and it takes a while for the plugins to load & notes to sync during startup. During startup the app runs my Advanced URI deeplink which calls into QuickAdd but since plugins aren’t fully loaded, the input I passed into the shortcut is not written to my notes. Is there a way to get a callback of sorts for when the app finishes running startup tasks and is ready for user commands, with which we can then continue with the next step of the shortcut? So ideally I want to pause my shortcut until iOS app cold start & startup finishes and then I want to execute the deeplink that calls into QuickAdd to add my note.

Things I have tried

I tried opening the note with x-callback action before running the deeplink that adds text to my note but the x-callback action just pauses the shortcut, I somehow couldn’t get it to work.
Below is the shortcut step that pauses, probably because it doesn’t receive a callback? No idea though.

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