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Add Shortcuts support for Obsidian for iPadOS / iOS


This would be a game changer! So much of what I do on my iPad involves shortcuts

This would honestly be appreciated on android too.

With certain launchers you could even access these shortcuts with gestures

This is possible now in the current beta of the mobile app with the included URI support. I’ve gotten quite a few shortcuts setup on my devices.

Okay, could you maybe explain how that works? URI doesn’t ring a bell, what does that stand for?
Is that solution ios specific?

Basically you pass all your variables in the form of a URL with a command that opens Obsidian & runs the command. You can find out more here:

I use it to create my daily note template & generate my workout logs, plus I have a shortcut to quickly open today’s daily note, among other things.


Thank you for the quick and extensive answer :smile: