iOS Shortcut to insert a Cardhop link on a note?

When I create a new Obsidian note for a person (now in iPhone and iPad, later this year with macOS update also on Mac), I’d like to get a link created to his contact details in Cardhop as easily as possible. Cardhop has this URL capability.

I’ve tried to find information from Cardhop web pages and this forum (& googling around) on how to compose such a Shortcut, but failed to do so.

Has someone managed to find a solution to this?

Having neither iOS nor MacOS or Alfred, I can only guess, but can’ŧ you simply use Dataview’s =elink() feature to create a Cardhop link like the following:


maybe like in

`=elink("x-cardhop://parse?s=" +`

… which reminds me, I should add Google Contacts links to my person notes … thank you for the idea!

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Thank you!
I made a keyboard macro and use it only in Mac for now.

Does it actually work?

Part of it (at least), @Moonbase59.

I was not aware of the ’x-cardhop’ thingy, but was able to make a Keyboard Maestro macro, which asks for first and last name and puts them into a string, which gest pasted to Obsidian note. Good enough.

[In Cardhop](x-cardhop://parse?s=%Variable%Etunimi%%Variable%Vali%%Variable%Sukunimi%)

Sorry about the Finnish variable names :slight_smile:

Only wish it would be possible to grab the note title on runtime…

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