iOS shortcut to get podcast show notes into obsidian?

What I’m trying to do


I have an iOS shortcut that will email me show notes from the currently playing podcast.

What I’d really like is for the show notes to save as a note in my obsidian podcast folder (which is in dropbox). Is there a way to do that so when I open obsidian those show notes are there?

I tried: saving the html file, and obsidian shows it, but it opens in safari, as opposed to being an editable note which is what I want. Thanks!!!

Ha, I just built this last week, but haven’t had the chance to publish it.

It requires Castro and the Advanced URI plugin:

There’s no way to achieve this with any other podcast app except maybe Airr, which is still too buggy for my tastes.

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Thanks so much!

I user overcast, I’d like to think I could use overcast to do it, since my current shortcut puts the snow notes into an email that gets sent to me, but I’m not good enough with shortcuts to figure it out ….?

Oh, sorry, you’re right. Last time I checked for Overcast’s Shortcuts support I must have missed the options it has.

If you’ve already got a working shortcut for sending to email, you’ll just need to:

You can take a look at the Shortcut I provided above to see how I did it.

I’m close, but I am not getting it, I’m so sorry! Here’s my overcast to email shortcut, if you wouldn’t mind showing me the missing step I’d greatly appreciate it!!!

  1. Install the Advanced URI plugin
  2. Replace the Mail action in that shortcut with:
    a. URL encode the <ShowNotes> variable
    b. URL encode the text Show Notes: <EpTitle> variable
    c. Add a text or URL field with the URL scheme you want to use from Advanced URI (probably something like obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=Your-Vault&filepath=<URL-encoded-EpTitle-from-b>&data=<URL-encoded-ShowNotes-from-a>
    d. Add a “Open URL” action with that URL variable.

I’m so close … :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about step 2.c. Do I do that in shortcuts or in Obsidian somewhere?
FWIW, I want these show notes to go into: /40 Podcasts

Thanks again!!!

You should be able to assign a destination directory via the URL scheme. Check out Advanced URI’s documentation (linked above) to see how. Just make sure you URL encode any data you add to URL scheme.

As for how: it all happens in Shortcuts! Check out the last few steps of the shortcut I linked earlier to see how it works in that one.

Like this?

obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=/40 Readwise=EpTitle=ShowNotes

(Eptitle and Shownotes are variables)

Like this:

Last question hopefully :slight_smile:

If the vault name is “Main Brain”, how do I type that, isn’t there something that I have to replace the space with?

I lied, I do have another question :slight_smile:

In the example shortcut, the bottom step shows “URL encoded folder “, not “URL encoded folder name.” - is that a mistake?

If it’s easier (I think it would be for me), it would be very helpful if you could type out what it should look like given that my vault is called “Main Brain” and the folder is “/50 Podcasts” :slight_smile:

That is what the URL encoding action is for.

The naming doesn’t really matter. That variable represents the URL-encoded path to your desired folder.

Switch the text saying “Vault Name” to your vault name and the text saying “Folder name” to your desired filepath.

Don’t forget: you have to take these actions and put them in your own shortcut to retrieve the podcast data you want. Last, you need to use an “Open URL” action to actually launch the URL scheme at the end!


I got it working but instead of the specific show notes for the episode, it’s getting the generic podcast information (as in for the podcast itself, not the specific episode of the podcast.)

I also just realized there’s an error if the file name has a “:” in it, or other characters obsidian doesn’t allow ….

Fantastic work @ryanjamurphy !I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Marvelous work! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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