IOS Photo crashes app

Steps to reproduce

  1. Updated to latest test flight.
  2. Added “insert attachment” - and moved it to middle of toolbar (“to the right of the fold” if that makes sense.
  3. Open obsidian
  4. Create new note
  5. Scroll to see insert attachment icon.
  6. Select Take Photo or Video

Expected result

Take photo or video and have it inserted somehow.

Actual result

Obsidian closes without further ado. Just gone.


Obsidian version: 0.0.13

Additional information

  • I figure it’s a permission issue - may need NSCameraUsageDescription idk.
  • Note that Settings->Obsidian has no sliders for “Access Photo” or “Access Camera”
    (or Privacy/Camera).
  • I’d add a log file if I knew where to get it.
  • Note insert from Photo Library and Browse options work.

bug report for the mobile app go to the mobile category. Read the pinned message in the mobile channel if you haven’t alredy.

Sorry, will do. Thanks!

Would it make sense to have the Message pinned to the Top of the Category? On my iPad it shows up towards the bottom, requiring me to scroll down each time I visit Mobile.

Should be fixed as of 0.0.17.

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