[IOS] Obsidian App frequently no response

Problem Description

Recently I update my phone from IOS16 to IOS17.4, and I found with iCloud sync turn on, when edit text in Obsidian the App frequently freeze (i.e. no any response), and recover response later (around 10 seconds). The operations during the no response time looks will be “cached” and be executed after the response recover.

Steps to reproduce

The most stable way to reproduce the problem is opening another App for a while and switching back to Obsidian. e.g. browse web page for a while and paste some content into Obsidian. In this case, the Obsidian App looks will always no response for a while, which usually halt around 10 second (roughly equal to the time used to sync with iCloud each time I open the Obsidian App) before App recover response.

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Additional information

In IOS16, although each time launch Obsidian also required sync, I didn’t meet any halt problem DURING editing text. Those behaviors look like some asynchronous mechanism related to iCloud syn (if have any) broken on IOS17.