iOS, MacOS, Obsidian Sync: Duplicate Files, Duplicate Tasks

I just started using Obsidian Sync about three weeks ago between my iPhone 13 Pro Max and my 2021 16" MacBook Pro M1.

Mostly it works fast and flawlessly – I love it. But for the second time in three weeks, today it duplicated about six tasks in my daily note, and for the first time, it duplicated two notes after moving them (drag and drop) from one folder to another folder.

I’ve noticed that the duplicates show up after I’ve switched from my Mac to my iPhone but recent changes don’t show up on the iPhone like they usually do. When I go back to my Mac, the changes are still there but now several lines will be duplicated (not ones I’ve recently edited). And shortly after they’re now duplicated on the iPhone, too.

I know that’s not a lot to go on, but I don’t know where to start to troubleshoot this. It seems related to Obsidian Sync, but it’s random and rare. Any suggestions?

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I recently had some folders duplicate when I accidentally opened my old iCloud vault. Did you by any chance make changes, then sign back in to your synced vault?

Might also just be a matter of making sure everything is synced before you make any changes after switching to a different device.

If your vault is in the default Documents folder, make sure the setting to let iCloud control that is turned off (or move the vault).

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No, at the moment I only have one vault and haven’t switched to another.

No, I made sure the Vault was on my Mac, not in the Documents folder or on iCloud. The issue has now happened a third time and is still unresolved.

Can you please run the command (Cmd-P for the commands) “Show Debug Info” and paste the info here?