[iOS] iCloud Drive sync -- a fellow obsidian user's tips


I got challenged about the veracity of the claim that iOS obsidian only works with iCloud Drive and Obsidian Sync. Hence I am including the original link to the claim.


As of 2021-03-18

Update as of 2021-03-27 12:27

Your initial load might crash on iOS regardless of version.

See this message by @Licat on the restricted Discord channel about mobile versions

So take note.


Update: the latest iOS app is now v0.0.12 and the initial crashes when loading a vault appears to be solved.

This is true as of v0.0.11 of the iOS app.

For those who want to use Obsidian iOS and use iCloud Drive as the sync method,

  1. Of course you need to install the iOS app via testflight.
  2. Create a dummy vault (I call mine “Different vault”) on the iOS app so that there will be an Obsidian folder inside your iCloud Drive. It should look like this.

  1. Move your desktop (I’m assuming you’re also using a mac) vault into the iCloudDrive > Obsidian folder.
  2. Make sure your macOS has turned on iCloudDrive at the minimum and has Obsidian app sync’d

CleanShot 2021-03-27 at 21.57.18

CleanShot 2021-03-27 at 21.57.36

  1. Don’t delete the dummy vault yet! It will accidentally crash your iOS app.
  2. On your iOS app, quit back to the main menu, you should be able to see the desktop vault that you dragged into iCloud Drive. If you cannot do this, delete the app and then reinstall via testflight.

In the above screenshot, “Different vault” is the dummy vault i create on iOS and “OILD” is my desktop vault I dragged into iCloud Drive’s Obsidian folder.

As of v0.0.11, when i tried to load my desktop vault on the iOS app, it crashed the app. But I’m hopeful that it will work out all in the end. :pray:

Thank you to the mods for all the hardwork :pray: