[iOS] Cross-platform workflow to sync with iCloud – a fellow obsidian user’s tips

Quite a lot of posts blame iCloud experience in Windows.

I’m using Obsidian on PC/iPhone for a month already.
The setup works smoothly even with Obsidian and 44 plugins active.

So, it is worth keeping track of some tips ‘n’ findings for those using both iOS and PC.

For adventurous new-comers and those not willing to skim over dozens of posts:

  • Kick off your setup at iOS client. Once vault was introduced at iOS iCloud you will not miss one more folder level at Windows vault.
  • I was inclined to have the same .obsidian config for both PC and iPhone (to forget about replicating setup at both clients). However, for instance, both Sliding panes and Outliner are not part of the mobile experience now. So, .obsidian.mobile override at iOS seemed a good option to have it synced from time to time at Windows directory.

Findings thus far:

  • Beware of installing the iCloud client from Microsoft Store. That was the only hiccup I had experienced on the first day. Install the client for Windows 7 instead. It is available on the official page as well.

  • I recall finding several posts here at the forum claiming File recovery core plugin doesn’t play nicely w/iCloud client. I haven’t noticed that causal relationship at my setup, however, I turned it off and made myself comfortable with my vault’s backup backed by git plugin.

  • Initially, I looked into the Working copy approach for iOS. However, I didn’t like it for some reason. I landed on the option to sync my files cross-platform by means of iCloud only and it works (with git versioning being a fallback solution and peace of mind for whatever glitch eating up my data).

  • Someday I might look at Obsidian’s own Sync feature, but for now, I enjoy the absence of a vendor lock (pun intended - gardening iOS devices’ ecosystem).

  • I don’t want to nitpick, but the only thing I noted, the startup time of the iOS client is not instant. I see the message “waiting for iCloud files to sync” hanging for a second or two. I’m fine with it, considering the nature of sandboxed apps at iOS. Looking towards Shortcuts to automate adding of a sudden note without even opening the client itself.

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