[iOS] Can't scroll/view search results on iphone

  1. Tap on the global search icon and type a search term.

A result list pops up below the search text box.

Side effect:
The keyboard obscures the scrollable list of items (only a single line of search results is visible).

This works OK on an ipad in portrait mode but has a similar issue in landscape mode.

Hide the keyboard when tapping “return”.

Is this issue resolved in 0.0.11 now that we’ve removed those big buttons?

I would call it “mitigated”, not resolved. It should be possible to hide the keyboard. In v0.0.11, three results can be seen in the results list (but probably 7 or 8 could be seen without the keyboard, making it much easier to locate the desired search result).

Hitting the enter/return key on the keyboard should make it retract with the new release 0.0.11

In fact, it does.

Resolved. :slight_smile: