iOS can't play the webm audio that I record on my Mac ~ TAT

Steps to reproduce

I recorded audio on my mac, but It can't play in my iOS due to the format 'webm'


  • Operating system: macOS iOS, newest

I love this app, so I go my long way to type this need with my poor English~

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what do you mean? Obsidian Mobile doesn’t play the webm recorded on Obsidian Desktop.

I recorded audio using my mac obsidian, but I can’t play the audio on my ios obsidian.
Because mac record the audio using the webm format, while ios can’t play the webm format audio.

It should be able to play within obsidian mobile.

What’s your iOS version exactly? what’s your iphone model exactly?

I believe webm/audio was added in iOS 15

iphone13, 15.5~ :face_with_thermometer:

you can try to see if there is anything in experimental webkit features

Settings –> Safari –> Advanced –> Experimental Features

There’s nothing we can do other wait for apple to implement/enable this format.

I was having the same issue, but found a workaround:

(1) I could not play webm files on my iPad or iPhone.

(2) I could not find the experimental webkit features, but I did read articles that mentioned them. (It might be because I’m not on a developer beta.)

(3) I downloaded PlayerXtreme, and it can play the files. I can open the webm files from Obsidian (or the Files app) in PlayerXtreme. You can rewind, pause, and fast-forward the playback of the audio. You can navigate away from the app and have the audio play in the background. Closing the screen doesn’t interrupt playback. Unfortunately, PlayerXtreme doesn’t support split-screen (but you can open Obsidian in slide-over), and you cannot rewind/fast-forward from the playback menu when you swipe down on the upper-right on the iPad or when the screen is turned off (but you can pause playback).

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Still a problem. Can’t play recordings from Mac on iOS.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue yet?

@WhiteNoise would it be possible to add an option in the desktop version that allows users to select the format in which audio files are saved? Currently, the desktop version saves audio as “.webm,” which isn’t compatible with iOS. When I record audio through the iOS app, it’s saved as “.mp4a”. And when is saved as “mp4a” I can play it on my Desktop and on my iPhone. I believe that if users had the option to save files as “mp3,” “mp4,” or “mp4a,” compatibility issues across various devices could be minimized.