iOS can't play the webm audio that I record on my Mac ~ TAT

Steps to reproduce

I recorded audio on my mac, but It can't play in my iOS due to the format 'webm'


  • Operating system: macOS iOS, newest

I love this app, so I go my long way to type this need with my poor English~

what do you mean? Obsidian Mobile doesn’t play the webm recorded on Obsidian Desktop.

I recorded audio using my mac obsidian, but I can’t play the audio on my ios obsidian.
Because mac record the audio using the webm format, while ios can’t play the webm format audio.

It should be able to play within obsidian mobile.

What’s your iOS version exactly? what’s your iphone model exactly?

I believe webm/audio was added in iOS 15

iphone13, 15.5~ :face_with_thermometer:

you can try to see if there is anything in experimental webkit features

Settings –> Safari –> Advanced –> Experimental Features

There’s nothing we can do other wait for apple to implement/enable this format.