IOS BUG: plugin's main.js contains REGEX. REGEX which is lookbehind will cause load plugin failed

Steps to reproduce

rt, when i load plugin which is unique-attachments, show tips: plugin failed to load.

by debugging, i find that bug will show when js is

const markdownLinkRegex = /(?<!\!)(?<!\\)\[(.*?)(?<!\\)\]\((.*?)(?<!\\)\)/im;

i simplify this js:

const regex = /(?<=abc)/im

this plugin will also failed to load;

ios’s js engine is some issues of supporting regex.
mac use raw js engine, so it does not has problem.


  • Operating system: ios16.1
  • Debug info: obsidian latest release

could i know how to execute js in obsidian?

we do not take bug reports involving third party plugins. Send the bug report to the plugin dev and if there is a problem with obsidian core, they’ll reach out to us.

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