iOS app not opening

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Steps to reproduce

Hi everyone,

For the last few months on both my iPhone and iPad I’ve been unable to use Obsidian at all. I go to open the app, I get the countdown for configuration syncing as normal, then I get a horizontal ticker progress bar which then freezes and nothing happens (as in attached photo).

Does anyone else have experience of this?

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

couldn’t even get to sandbox vault.

Expected result

The app should open.

Actual result

App freezes.


Cannot access the command palette.

Additional information

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Move your vault outside of your Obsidian folder and reopen Obsidian.
If Obsidian opens it is one of your plugins and you will have to figure out which one.

If not, report back. But it should open.

Also, not a bug. Should be in the Help section.

Thanks for reply.
Yeah so moved the vault outside of Obsidian folder. Obsidian now opens to this screen

. Now unsure how to proceed - I can’t access settings to check plugins.

Ok sorry, I don’t know how to move it.

UPDATE: Got it working. Just moved vault outside of Obsidian folder and then back inside it and now it works. Just some random bug I think. Thanks

Next time make a backup and perhaps just try removing the .obsidian folder within your vault.

On iOS you cannot see files or folders beginning with a dot. This is true for all apps, and there are no options to show hidden files.

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Try installing Taio, add your vault and you can access the hidden folders.


Holy crap! Thank you. Tip of the hat sir, this is the first app I’ve seen that can perform the simple act of viewing “hidden” folders and files. iOS… is imperfect.


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