iOS app freezes

Steps to reproduce

after last update my app freezes.

first it opens for a long time (have to skip syncing with iCloud), and then after some time it freezes when you scroll through the records or start editing. Disabled all add-ons, reinstalled the application - it did not help.

Expected result

app work))

Actual result

app freezes


  • Operating system:
    ios 15.4.1
  • Debug info:

Operating system: ios 15.4.1 (Apple iPhone)
Login status: not logged in
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: light
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Safe mode: on


Additional information

I didnt know how get a crush log.

how many files and mb is vault?

What Iphone model do you have?

1,6 Gb, 2k md files.
iPhone 13 mini

@WhiteNoise Do I need to send any additional information?

The vault may be too big for your phone’s ram or or memory.

iclould on iOS automatically manages the disk space (deletes stuff to save space) that’s why when we open Obsidian we have to make sure that the files are still there.

Don’t skip.

As the warning suggests, iCloud Drive saves local storage by keeping files in the cloud instead of on-device. There’s no way to force iCloud Drive not to do this, but Obsidian needs all files available to work.

The skip is only there if you really urgently need to see something in your vault. You shouldn’t skip every time. In your case, the offloaded files are critical for your vault (e.g., iCloud Drive has offloaded vault setup or metadata files) and you need to wait until iCloud Drive re-downloads them.


  • Open Obsidian
  • Leave your device alone for a long time. 10–15 minutes. It may look unresponsive. It might even crash. That’s okay: iCloud Drive is still working in the background to re-download your files.
  • After waiting a while, quit and relaunch Obsidian.

See if that works.

This helped, thanks. I realized that I need to take away all the heavy files from the storage and leave only the md files. Otherwise, it is very debt to wait for synchronization every time on app lunch.

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