iOS App for opening Obsidian .md from Cloud Vault

Hello Obsidian Community
After half a year of intense Obsidian usage, my laptop desktop best practice developed to store lots of reference and additional files (.pdfs, etc.) inside my Obsidian Vault

  • to be able to reference and embed
  • to have one structure in which I keep actionable or archive of files and notes.

I also realized that I seldom use Obsidian on iPad or phone, as I consider the apps somewhat clumsy and slow. The other issue is, if I keep lots of files in the Vault on iCloud, it uses more space on tight mobile devices, and I can only open the pdf files in Obsidian.

So I consider not using Obsidian on my mobile devices – yet I would like to be able to open and edit the notes individually. Is there something like a .md reader which can open notes from a cloud storage as iCloud or OneDrive?

How do would you solve this?

Thanks for your ideas and input


As there’s nothing special about Obsidian .md files, any number of apps can view and edit them. I use Typewriter now, but also have and use 1Writer and iA Writer from time to time (all are good).


Yes that’s what I though, thank you for the app recommendations :slight_smile:

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iA Writer recently added [[wikilinks]] support, which is very cool, but when editing a note outside of Obsidian I tend not to make vault specific edits (linking, embeds, query code, etc). I jump in and edit/copy/export some text and jump out again.


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