IOS and Windows Use one common vault on dropbox?

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Can I designate a folder on Dropbox (or GDrive or one Drive) as my vault and access it from Windows and IOS?

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Not from within Obsidian.

Courtesy of @Synchronicity:

These are the five methods currently believed to work for syncing between devices if you’ll be including an iPhone and/or iPad:

iCloud (NOTE: iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication issues as well as data corruption and loss, and the Obsidian devs and community strongly recommend that you avoid this combination.)

• Official Obsidian Sync

Self-hosted LiveSync plugin

Remotely Save plugin and various cloud services, including Amazon S3 or S3-compatible, Dropbox, OneDrive for personal, and Webdav

Git with the Working Copy iOS app


Thank you – remotely save appears to work well.

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