iOS and iCloud syncing

Edit files on my iPhone

I was attempting to edit the text in one of my Obsidian files yesterday and today and it keeps interrupting me to sync the configuration files. I usually can only type a few characters before it interrupts. It also usually interrupts almost immediately after using to add the file to a space. Recently ehen trying to add a [] type link, it interrupted partway through the computer’s attempt to add the selected file’s filename to the link. I’m using iCloud on an iOS phone with current system software. This problem doesn’t occur on my Macbook Pro. Any suggestions?

Things I have tried

I tried asking about this on the community chat and got no replies.

I haven’t had great experiences with the iOS mobile app and Windows PC.

Most users from what I gather, seem to be utilizing the Remotely Save plugin to connect their iCloud vault on the mobile to Dropbox. This results in the synchronization of the iCloud vault, your local vault) with Dropbox, and then Dropbox is synced to the desktop, essentially serving as a bridge.

Consider dumping iCloud and giving this setup a try, or alternatively, you could explore substituting Dropbox with OneDrive or even using an S3 bucket service like (free 25 gb).