iOS 16 home screen widgets (glances) to Obsidian actions

As some have showcased on this forum already, I’ve been using iOS Shortcuts to have nice home screen icons straight to a variety of places and actions within Obsidian:

Each of those shortcuts opens an Obsidian URI (I use the Advanced URI plugin, which gives us deeplinks for opening specific notes, creating new ones, running commands, etc).

For example:

  • Open note launches Obsidian into the Quick switcher with the command URI obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=Spirit&commandid=switcher%253Aopen
  • Dreams inbox launches the specific note where I write my dreams every night with obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=Spirit&
  • New note creates a new note using the Lumberjack plugin with obsidian://lumber
  • Daily note (yellow icon) opens the daily note and puts the cursor on a new item line at the end again with Lumberjack and obsidian://log.

These are all very simple Shortcuts to set up:

This is tremendously useful already, but there was one further improvement possible - bringing these icons to the lock screen as well, as iOS 16 glance widgets:

I achieved this thanks to an additional iOS app: ShortFlow.

ShortFlow allows us to set up those widgets and make them point to either an app, an existing Shortcuts workflow or a URL.

While I could use my existing Shortcuts workflows, I noticed that doing so first opens the Shortcuts app and then runs the flow. Not ideal. However, since those shortcuts open URLs anyway, I just reused those within ShortFlow:

All that was left was customizing the lock screen to add the widgets:

Et voilà! Lock screen to Obsidian shortcuts! I don’t think it gets better than this :smiley:

(Note that ShortFlow supports up to 3 free widgets, and a max of 9 when paying a one time $4.99 upgrade)


Just to be clear for anyone reading, you don’t need the Advanced URI plugin to open or create notes; the built-in URI system can do those. (The author is using some of its fancier features which the built-in one can’t do, in which case using Advanced for everything may be more convenient.)

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