Invvalid File Name encoding prevents vault from loading

Trying to open a Vault that contains a file with an invalid name (wrong encoding) prevents the vault from loading at all.

Steps to reproduce

I can’t really say how the file with invalid encoding was created since it was sent to me by somebody else (university stuff, nothing harmful) within a zip archive. After extracting the archive, Thunar (File explorer in xfce) displays the directory name like this (the ‘invalid encoding’ is added by thunar automatically):

ls in terminal says that the broken character is ‘$’\374’’. It should be the German Umlaut ü.

Trying to open the vault that contains the directory causes Obsidian to load indefinitely:

Expected result

Obsidian should load the vault, notify about the broken file(s) and exclude them.

Actual result

As above, the vault cant be loaded until the file is removed from the vault. The windows doesn’t respond and needs to be terminated using SIGTERM.


  • Operating system: Arch Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.17 AppImage

Additional information

This archive contains the empty directory with the invalid encoding. (162 Bytes)

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