Invisible Writing for Flow and and silencing the inner critic

This sounds like a great idea.

could that be accomplished by a plugin?
a theme that turns the color of the font the same as the background for example?

writing without the editor and critic in our head might be a lot easier.

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This could be accomplished with just a css snippet like:

div.markdown-source-view {
  color: transparent;

That makes the text in edit mode transparent so it’s invisible. To see what you have typed you could just toggle Preview Mode.

You could also create a snippet to make the text invisible in both edit and preview mode and use a plugin like Snippet Commands or MySnippets to quickly toggle the snippet on and off.

Note: I’m not an insider so dunno if some of this won’t work :sweat_smile:


THX! that sounds great.

Going to try that :slight_smile: