Introducing: The Paraclete System - A vault, system, and workflow to help Bible Teachers make richer more connected lessons with greater efficiency

Introducing: The Paraclete System

I have been working on fine tuning my personal vault for Bible teaching and personal study for a while. Tuning it with the purpose of sharing it with the community.

Download the full vault —> (630.2 KB) <—

Or simply create your own from scratch. All you need are a few folders, dataview and templater.

Here is my github repo:

And project site (the files in the repo are more up to date):

How it works

The Paraclete System is a framework of naming standards and workflow within Obsidian, and is meant to be a tool to help Bible teachers, Pastors, and Small Group teachers to enable them produce more focused, enriched, and consistent lessons. The system leverages the program Obsidian, along with a couple of its plug-ins in order to make this tool as powerful as possible.

The Paraclete System has multiple parts.

  1. The set of naming standards
  2. The overarching workflow

Paraclete can be used as either just 1, or as 1 & 2.

Why make this vault/system when others already exist?

There are other Bible Study oriented vaults and systems, and I’ve used a couple in the past, but none were designed for interoperability and scalability. These are a couple of the main goals for me in this project. I wanted to create a way for standardized notes and templates to be shared across users with zero need to modify (at least to make it work in your vault).

Feedback needed

This is my first shared iteration of the system, and I would love to get some feedback!

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