Intro button/key to accept the search result in Mobile

Allow “Enter/Intro” to accept the search result on Quick Switcher in Obsidian Mobile.

What OS are you using? iOS provides a “Go” button in place of enter that opens the currently-selected item in the Quick Switcher modal.

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I’m using Android 11.0

I am no sure what you are trying to achieve here. Post a screen recoining in a vanilla vault.

You can close this guys, I’ve tested my requirement on a vanilla vaul and it worked.

It happens that I use the Omnisearch plugin to search for words ignoring diacritics and Enter/Enter does not work there to open the note that matches the search in Mobile.

Please consider implementing the search that ignores diacritics in the Core Quick Switcher. This is useful for languages ​​that use diacritics like Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and others.

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