Internet Usage History

Does anyone use daily notes (or a similar approach) to keep track of internet browsing history and/or YouTube viewing history?

If so, have you found any tricks for making this process easy or automated?

It seems like these would be a valuable supplemental record of “information I’m taking in,” but they’re currently pretty distinct from books or from real note-taking.

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I’d like to but lack the patience.

lol Exactly. That’s why I was wondering if someone might have come up with a brilliant idea to automate this. Because realistically, I’m not going to do this if it’s multiple steps.

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This would be nice to have. I just plod on through my day by noting the time and inserting a weblink to pages I’ve visited.
The daily notes gets quite ‘busy’ as the day wears on. :grinning:


Do you just want a list of URLs, or something more? (I’d generally want something more — ideally summaries but at least titles for items with meaningless URLs.)

URLs and titles would probably be adequate.