International keyboard hotkeys

I’m writing notes in Cyrillic keyboard layout. Hotkeys don’t work unless I switch keyboard back to English. This process makes them not that hot. Type - switch - hotkey - switch - back to typing.
Many software support hotkeys that are mapped to English letters of the keyboard, but ignore the current language layout saving users two layout switches per hotkey use. Microsoft’s office suite for example.


This is an important issue, but, fortunately hotkeys are working great here in Cyrillic keyboard layout in macOS Catalina 10.15.4, Obsidian 0.6.3.
So, this may be Windows-specific issue.

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True. It does work well for the Mac version. I was lost between two platforms.
Issue is relevant for some hotkeys in Windows version. Thus I will file it as a bug, not a feature request.

For the Mac version I’ve also created a Russian - Obsidian keyboard layout to make # | * [ ] input easier - I’ve replaced Option-[ that gives a ‘x’ in Mac’s default Russian layout with ‘[’. Same for all other keys where Russian letters are interfering with valuable md symbols. This makes it possible to use Option- combinations a bit faster, than switching to type. Examples: Option-3 gives me an ‘#’, Option-Ё gives me an ‘|’. Option-8 gives me a ‘*’. This way I’m hitting all the same md keys in Russian as in English, but use them with Option modifier.

I will share if that is valuable to anyone besides me.

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I will archive this, and leave the bug request open