Internal URLs don't handle anything past # (tags in titles)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a note with a title that contains a tag. Example: 2020-11-12 (#todo)
  2. Ctrl+Click it (edit mode) or Click it (preview mode)
  3. Read the name of the created file: 2020-11-12 (

Alternatively, create the note first with the title in step 1, but when you click the internal link in step 2, you will inevitably create a new note as in step 3.

Expected result

Going to a note with the tag in the title

Actual result

Going to a note with a title that is split right before the #

If, for example, the note had a hashtag in the middle (a s d # a s d), a new note would be created that ends with the last space (a s d ).

I assume this is a problem caused by javascript url handling that reads the path only and not the full string, and where the # is not url-encoded into %23 (a s d # a s d -> a%20s%20d%20%23%20a%20s%20d)


Windows 10


We don’t support # in filenames. This has already been reported. Please search before posting.

I did search. It’s a bit hard to find the character # when it’s not processed as relevant by any search engine.

I will add this here as a reference.