Internal outline links are taking me to the wrong spot

Things I have tried

I created a heading in my document:


At the top of the document, I put a link to it:

I know the link is formatted corectly because it previews correctly to the spot in my documents I want to link to.

Initially it seems fine, i.e., when I click on the link, it takes me to the spot where the header was created. However, if I then move the link target header elsewhere in the document, Obsidian keeps taking me to the spot where it was originally created, not where I have moved it to.

Block links work correctly. Header links which have been moved lose track of their position in this way.

What I’m trying to do

The intention is to move the header in the document and keep track of my next reading. I’m using a level 6 header internal link as a “bookmark” in this way. (I’m very open to better ideas by the way…)

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I have found a better way to do what I was doing anyhow, using the Note Refactor plugin. Cheers to all.

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