Internal Links not working when hosted via Github

I am using Obsidian with Hugo & Github for hosting my notes online.

I write notes on Obsidian as md files. Hugo converts md file to html. I use Github to store & netlify to host it.

Website is running well and I can post my notes. But the problem is with the links within the post.

I convert wikilink to mdlinks.

In my home page when I click a post it points to a link like this it opens successfully. But when I have a link inside that post. Say link_1. It points to Gives me 404. It is pointing to a md file.

Anyone has experience in hosting files using obsidian and Github via Hugo or Jekyll etc… ?

Please share your knowledge and help please🙏

nb : I tried few plugins. But couldn’t make it work. Anyone did this successfully?

Maybe try these:

The problem is not the wikilinks.

Problem is that when I put normal MDlink in obsidian.

eg: I want to place a link to simplenote ( in a file called humblenote )


I get a link that points to


whereas what I need is


This is a hack. It did solve the problem. But this is a three-year-old thread. Maybe there is a better solution. Please let e know if there is any new solution for this.

If it supports native wikilinks, ( or normal mdlink properly) with obsidian it has great potential.

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