Internal links not working on Github?

I pushed all the md files to github. All the internal links work at obsidian. However, when I browse at github website, the internal links just look like pure text such as [[ some text ]]. Is this a known issue or did I miss something? Thanks

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Github has a bit another link formatting, not [[x]] but Link name, so it needs to be converted, i suppose. Maybe there’s some plugin for it, but never tried it, so can’t give any name, sorry.

You can make such links when you select word and press Cmd+K or Ctrl+K on your keyboard instead of typing double square brackets.

this plugin seems to could do the trick with converting links in your vault: obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-link-converter

upd after marked as soultion: check @CawlinTeffid addition commend on disabling Use Wikilinks setting below


The “obsidian-link-converter” plugin works. It converts the link to Markdown with a relative path. Now the links on github look correct. Thanks for the help.

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To use Markdown links from the start so you don’t have to convert them later, disable Settings > Files & Links > Use Wikilinks.

Once you do that, you can still type the double brackets (you have to if you want autocomplete suggestions), and they will convert to Markdown when completed.


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