Internal links in pinned tabs always open in new tab

Hello. I have a notes page categorized by initials.
The format is as follows :


→ go to last line (This is an internal link)

  • A1

    • Explanation
  • A2

    • Explanation

…+99 data

→ ^last line (Internal link comes here)



I use Obsidian by pinning this note. I estimate that there are more than 100 data with any given title. I have placed an internal link just below the headings to go to the last line and when I click on it it goes to the last line and I enter the data there. But every time I click on this link it opens the page in a new tab. Is there any way to prevent this?

I do not think this can be prevented. In my opinion, this would be a valid feature request.

The pinned feature indeed is designed to make sure that the note remains opened, so clicking a link will open the link in a new tab. However, it would make perfect sense that this would not happen for links to the current note to allow to setup quick navigation within the pinned note.

The only current workaround I see would be not to pin the note, but carefully consider when you click a link: just click to move within the note, but for links outside of the note, Ctrl + click to open the link target in a note.

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Here’s the FR for an internal block link: