Internal links in Android Mobile not working

Hi all,

I am using Obsidian mobile on two Samsung devices (tablet, phone) as well as on two Windows machines, all synced via Obsidian synced. Syncing works beautifully, btw.

The problem is: internal links [[ ]] don’t work on either of the mobile devices, tapping (or long-press-open) simply does nothing.
Neither does tapping on search results in the built-in search or in Omnisearch.

External links do work, however.

The same vault in Windows works exactly as expected.

Thanks for reading and for suggestions!

On iOS, tapping on a [[link]] opens that note, and a long press brings up the Open link / Open in new tab / Edit link / etc. menu from the bottom.

I’d try in Restricted mode (with a full restart of the app), no CSS snippets enabled, and using the default theme to rule out anything there.

Thanks, ariehen, that sent me in the right direction.

FWIW, it was a plugin called ‘Close Similar Tabs’. Worked on Windows, caused grief on mobile.

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