Internal Links dont work in hosted site!

I am trying to publish my site using Hugo with obsidian.

But there is a big problem.

The internal links in obsidian uses [[link]].

Hugo site works with [link](../link)

Hence I am not able to navigate around links in my hosted site.

Is there a way to convert obsidian internal [[]] link to [](). Or somehow make Hugo navigate llinks via double bracket links ?

In Obsidia Settings, there’s an option to force Mdlink instead of wikilinks.

I’m also using a plugin to send my notes to a github repo, then built as a website. This plugin also has an option to “convert wikilinks to mdlinks” when sending notes to repo (ie. only files sent to repo has wikilink converted to mdlink, while original notes in Obsidian vault still use wikilink)

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Thank You. :pray:

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